Commute with confidence

Don’t put up with technology that leads to cargo mismanagement, inefficient route planning, or unreliable ordering. With custom software solutions, you can track orders in real time, implement paperless document processing, and manage your entire operation from your smartphone. Get the most out of your systems so you can commute with confidence.

Go with Smart Pelican

How can you integrate GPS features into your current system? What existing functions can you carry over to your custom Android app? We ask questions like these in order to create a solution that addresses all of your concerns. Whether you specialize in hauling cargo or chauffeuring clients, go with Smart Pelican and discover what technology can do for you.


Partner with our IT pros and get a range of specialties to help you stay on top of your organization. Want to provide customers with a cross-platform app featuring real-time GPS data? We’ve got you covered. Need a fully customized fleet management system? Consider it done. Experience what it’s like to take full advantage of modern technology.

We gladly help organizations involved in any industry. Now explore our Showcases for real-world examples of some of our solutions.