Agile project management

Smart Pelican’s iterative agile approach keeps us focused on you. We listen to your concerns to understand what it takes to make your ideal solution. Even if your requirements change during the late development stages, our flexibility allows us to add extra features or scrap modules to meet your demands. Partner with IT pros who keep your needs in mind from start to finish.

Dollars & sense

Make the most of your time and money. Get all the information you need to manage your project for a customized solution that makes sense. Our agile methods ensure that we properly allocate resources for your project’s development, with iterations that address every part of your build. Partner with us for the confidence you deserve to help get your idea off the ground.

Transparency at every stage

Stay in control of your project when you put Smart Pelican on the job. Our experienced project managers constantly communicate with you to provide status updates, give feedback, and address any concerns you have. If we discover discrepancies in your source code, or find that you’ve been using incorrect APIs, you’ll know right away. Trust us to keep you in the loop at all times.

Quality Management yields quality solutions, and we stick to these practices when you need quality Administration.