Serving all trades

At Smart Pelican, we help you get custom solutions no matter what field of work you’re involved in. From advertising and real estate, to healthcare and forensics, we don’t shy away from creating great software that you need the most. And if your industry is new to us, we gladly welcome the opportunity to fulfill your tech needs and ultimately grow as a company.

Innovating for you

See an iPhone app you really like, but that’s not designed for your kind of business? What competitors’ features should you include in your web-based analytics dashboard? We ask questions like these, examine tech from various industries, and gather feedback to see what you like. Our pros innovate to create solutions that are exactly what you ask for.

Creating great solutions

Smart Pelican puts your needs first. We solve your problems by fostering open communication, analyzing varieties of technology applications, and putting in plenty of time doing quality R&D. Everything we do revolves around helping you get a great solution that you can count, regardless of your field of work. Here are some industries we’ve been involved in extensively: