We pride ourselves on caring about our clients and their ideas, and they appreciate it. Here's what some of them have to say:

Dynamic Signal, Inc.

“SPTG, LLC has been a great development partner. They have done an excellent job managing timelines, collaborating with our team, and delivering on our requirements.”

Bitberry Software, ApS

“We worked with Smart Pelican Technologies Group, LLC. to develop a quite non-standard piece of software that requires deep expert knowledge about the subject. They amazed us when they delivered a proof-of-concept app within a day, to prove they could do the job. We’ll be working with them on many more other projects.”

Vincent Cassar, Founder, Keeping™

“It's a pleasure working with Smart Pelican Technologies Group. They've always delivered on time and are honest with what they can do. If you are looking for a multidisciplinary development team, look no further. We look forward to continue working with them in the future.”

Bobby Jones and Associates, Inc.

“The team of experts worked quickly to make my ideas and dreams become reality. I have never experienced such in-depth project management. They kept track of every idea, every request, and every detail. You will not go wrong with SPTG, LLC. regardless of how large or small your project might be. Intuitive, intelligent, honest, reliable, punctual, professional.”

Steve Iverson, Entrepreneur & Technology Executive

“I had a great software development experience with the team at Smart Pelican Technologies Group, LLC. They created several products for us that ultimately ended up being quite successful in the marketplace. Communication was efficient and frequent – every working day for 2 years. They became a respected extension of our local development team.”

Advizz, LLC

“Smart Pelican Technologies Group, LLC has been an integral part of our company for years, realizing our software vision. They have provided us with high quality work, always on time and budget.”

Israel Kehat, CTO, Konimee & SecondLayer

“I have found SPTG, LLC system- and low-level work quality to be superb, delivered on time, and was surprised at the innovative design, which I rarely experience.”

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