Digital Marketing

Unleash your power

Advertise like never before with modern IT advancements. Innovations in content customization, social media, and data analytics let you hone in on target audiences with maximum effect. With mobile marketing, you can push content directly to, say, 40-year-old Miami residents using iPhones. Get unprecedented power and precision with the right technologies for your needs.

The right IT partner

Smart Pelican sets you up with the tools you need to extend your reach, drive revenues, and gain an edge over competitors. If you’re looking to run ads in mobile games, package content with push notifications, or build multiple distribution platforms, our experts ensure you get what you ask for. We take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on creating great campaigns.


Our engineers have the skills to address any of your tech-related concerns. If you want to run a scalable video ad campaign, let us create VAST-compliant tools to help get the job done. Or if you want to gather stats, build a custom analytics dashboard to see how you can hit your PPC, CPM, or other compensation goals. Count on us to develop valuable resources you can rely on.

We love providing our services to advance Advertising. Now discover how those working in Education benefit from custom solutions, too.