Dr. Peter Ravdin is a leading oncologist and breast cancer specialist seasoned in performing clinical and laboratory research. Dr. Ravdin, the former CEO of Southwest Oncology Group, has led major clinical trials and is passionate about understanding the most effective therapy options for cancer patients. Using his own complex algorithms for determining effective treatment opportunities, he created Adjuvant! Online, an application used to aid in cancer treatment selection.

Business Challenge

Dr. Ravdin realized how helpful Adjuvant! could be, but he also realized its limitations. Adjuvant! users could access the web-based application through a PC connected to the Internet, or they could download the software and save it to their computer. This meant consultations often had to occur near these devices, and any Internet service interruptions or computer hardware issues could render Adjuvant! inaccessible.

Smart Pelican stepped in to alleviate these mobility and accessibility constraints.


Two solutions were created for Dr. Ravdin.

First, we developed a mobile version of Adjuvant! for the Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices, and later for Windows smartphones and Palm OS. Adjuvant! takes user input, draws information from Mortality Statistics in the United States, the SEER database, meta-analyses, and individual clinical trials, and projects cancer-related risks of mortality and relapse along with estimates of treatment efficacy. All of these crucial features are incorporated into the mobile application.

Second, we improved the original website for Adjuvant! by creating a more user-friendly experience. This included creating an aesthetically-pleasing UI, as well as optimizing ease-of-use and navigation for the end user. Also, an administrative area was developed to help maintain the back-end portion of the website.


Adjuvant! users no longer need to be tethered to their PCs to access its great features. The mobile application gives doctors everything they need to prepare for and hold consultations no matter where they are. And, the helpful administrative area makes it easy for administrators to maintain the Adjuvant! website.

Smart Pelican delivered on both fronts, giving Adjuvant! the boost it needed to break free from the PC.

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