Learning from the past

Our company owes its success to projects of the past, not solely for providing business interactions, but also for presenting so many opportunities to learn and grow. Technology has come a long way since single-task mobile devices, Windows XP, and the spur of widespread cloud computing, and we’re thankful for all the clients who have helped us evolve through experience.

Continuing to grow

Technology puts so much power in your hands, and we’re lucky to be part of this ever-changing environment. Our clients bring issues dealing with iOS integration, custom Windows and Mac software creation, unique web portal development, and challenges we’ve never seen before. We couldn’t be more excited to continue creating tailored solutions and growing along the way.

Staying on course

No matter what the future holds for wearable devices, computer programs, and web applications, Smart Pelican plans to keep up with new advancements any way we can. Through employee learning initiatives, future projects, and other opportunities, we’ll stay on course to develop in lockstep with the technologies our clients demand most.

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