Language you understand

If you’re technically challenged, you can still get the custom solution you need thanks to Smart Pelican’s communication specialists. Our pros have the credentials and experience to break down ‘geek speak’ into language you understand. Even if terms like API, HTML, or NoSQL mean nothing to you, we communicate on your level so you’re always in control of your project.

Experts you can trust

When you need solutions, Smart Pelican gives you an entire team of experts willing to answer all of your questions with honesty and integrity. We’ll never take advantage of your limited tech knowledge and inflate costs, upsell you, or mislead you into purchasing unnecessary components. Our approach focuses on your needs and fostering efficient, trustworthy dialogue.

There when you need us

Have questions or concerns? Want to see how your solution is coming along? We’re here for you! Call us, send a text or an email, set up a video conference, or stop by our office. Our team members know that your project means a lot, and we greatly value your business. We’re dedicated to giving you peace of mind by answering your untimely calls and questions.

Our Communication pros keep you in the loop, especially through each phase of our Workflow process.