Real Estate

Unlock doors

Embrace the latest technology trends so you can provide the best experiences for your customers. Engage clients on social media platforms, conduct meetings through video conferencing, and implement resources to help you go paperless. Whether you work behind the scenes or on the go, the right tech tools unlock plenty of doors for your real estate business.

Move more clients

Don’t let challenges hold you back. Face them head-on with Smart Pelican’s team of dedicated professionals. Enhance your work with a custom-built iPhone application or responsive web portal, and reap the rewards of owning technology tailored to you. After all, streamlining your operation helps you move efficiently so you can help move more clients.


Though technology has only begun to change the real estate landscape, the right IT partner can help you completely experience its advantages. Show listings from anywhere with innovations like Google Cardboard VR, or create a web-based property management platform for your entire firm. Team with Smart Pelican and get an array of specialties to suit your needs.

We love to help Real Estate move with technology, and the same goes for those working in Transportation.