Our client, an experienced entrepreneur, was running an ebook publishing company when he got an idea. After becoming frustrated with his own inefficient customer service methods, which often required utilizing multiple platforms like email and helpdesks, he envisioned a tool that would allow customer support teams to have a helpdesk right inside their Gmail and Google Apps accounts. This tool would have everything necessary to easily manage customer inquiries and team member responses.

Business Challenge

Our client’s development team was mainly experienced with server-side development, and to fully round out their idea, they would need plenty of client-side help. Additionally, Gmail’s dynamic interface would prove especially challenging to integrate with, and on the same note, have it work with the tool’s server-side features.

So, they enlisted the expertise of Smart Pelican.


We developed Keeping™, a Google Chrome browser extension that was exactly what our client needed.

We successfully added buttons and other controls to the Gmail interface. Additionally, we provided consulting to help implement server-side APIs and iron out other server issues to ensure Keeping™ worked flawlessly. A customer support powerhouse, Keeping™ comes complete with helpdesk functionalities and collaboration tools.

Available on the Google Chrome Web Store, Keeping™ allows support teams to easily manage emails, save responses to frequently asked questions, and even measure productivity.


With the help of Smart Pelican, our client was able to successfully hurdle the obstacles that would have otherwise kept their entire idea on the ground. With Keeping™ now soaring on its own, they can be confident knowing we’ll be there to safely guide them through any issues they face in the future.

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