Adapt to change

If you’re a provider, a payer, or an independent service vendor, stay relevant in an industry that’s always evolving. Thanks to the latest advances in IT, you can take your patient consultations online, provide efficient information flow, and so much more. In a time when patients have unprecedented choice and control of their care, technology gives you a competitive edge.

Stay devoted

We create custom solutions to help you adapt and innovate. When you need to comply with new regulations, update reporting processes, or integrate legacy applications, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got an idea for a new therapy application, drug database improvements, or cloud integration, our experts deliver so you can stay devoted to providing great service.


Do you run a private practice? Streamline your business with paperless consultations and EMR integration. Do you handle data for thousands of patients and insurance providers? Get the information you need quickly and easily with a database solution made just for you. When it comes to healthcare, Smart Pelican’s host of specialties can alleviate all of your tech headaches.

We’re glad to help Healthcare organizations stay current with technology. Learn how we also help the Hospitality industry keep up with the ever-changing customer experience.