Increase your influence

Make the right investments to integrate seamlessly into your customers’ lives. Things like virtual check-in, smartphone payment, and Internet hotspots influence the customer experience and your overall market share. Stay engaged by reaching out to your patrons on the platforms they visit most, and use technology to usher convenience into the activities that matter most.

Accommodate success

Smart Pelican listens to your requirements and helps you get what you need to succeed. Implement tabletop e-waiters, tablet kiosks, mobile payment options, and more with software engineers who know technology inside and out. When you’ve got ideas to improve your operation, let our experts shoulder the tech burden while you focus on providing great accommodations.


From business analysis to database management and cloud computing, Smart Pelican’s array of specialties provides what you need to stay relevant in your industry. Want to make room service available through a downloadable app, or use beacon notifications to offer great deals when customers walk through your doors? Get diverse expertise for the solutions you need.

We enjoy accommodating the Hospitality industry’s tech needs. We also have a passion for helping those who work in IT.