Break learning barriers

Technology ushers convenience in to the modern education experience. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or an administrator, you can contribute using tools that didn’t exist at the turn of the century. Video conferencing, web-based platforms, and more allow for efficient schooling sessions no matter your location, so you can break learning barriers of the past.

Provide great experiences

Foster the best learning experiences by partnering with Smart Pelican. Our IT pros live and breathe technology, so you can adopt web-based modules, implement tablet solutions, integrate management systems, or realize any other ideas you have. Let us engineer the right tools for your most important jobs, and you can keep doing what you do best in the academic arena.


We specialize in all things software, with extensive engineering capabilities that bring your ideas to life. From mobile apps your students can get their hands on, to administrative portals and systems that keep you going, our diverse skill set delivers what you need. With our team of IT experts on your side, there’s no limit to how you can improve education through technology.

We pride ourselves on helping Education professionals succeed. Learn how we do the same for those specializing in Forensics.