Investigate & compute

When technology advances, so do you. Custom software programs, powerful servers, and specialized hardware enhance your resources no matter your specialty. Whether you’re a criminologist, digital forensic engineer, or crash reconstructionist, add unparalleled precision and functionality to your investigation. With quality solutions, you get the right tools for the job.

Solve with Smart Pelican

Keep your tools as sharp as your skills with Smart Pelican’s experienced tech pros. Get the perfect Windows Phone app to help you gather evidence in the field, or enjoy tailor-made Mac OS X software that combines all of your resources into one program. Reap the benefits of owning top-notch solutions that address all of your issues so you can remain dedicated to the cause.


No matter how you contribute to the case, Smart Pelican’s diverse expertise can help you get what you need. Deploy a multi-function, cross-platform mobile app for your technicians to use in the field. Or, connect to multiple third-party databases for information crucial to your investigation. Our pros have the skills and experience to create solutions just for you.

Forensics specialists benefit greatly from our expertise, and so do countless organizations involved in Healthcare.