Breaking it down

We don’t pull estimates out of thin air. Our team analyzes your requirements and plans, and then uses a work breakdown structure to organize every detail of your project. We take the time to understand everything that goes into creating your custom solution before we provide any figures. And when we do, rest assured you can rely on accurate numbers.


When we know exactly what you need, we calculate when you should expect to take delivery of your completed solution. Some projects take only a month to develop; others require an extensive proof of concept and several years to finish. We consider many factors including size and scope of work, so you receive a firm estimate that’s highly accurate.


At Smart Pelican, time and cost estimations go hand-in-hand because we offer our services at an hourly rate. If your project requires six weeks of development, we’ll calculate the costs to show you how much you’ll pay. And if you need to alter your requirements to better suit your budget, we’ll show you alternatives so you can still receive a tailor-made solution.

We Estimate your project’s details so you know exactly what you’re getting. With your approval, our programmers start work to Develop your solution.