Calc Zone


Since the 1980s, Bobby Jones and Associates, Inc. has specialized in traffic accident reconstruction services for individuals, insurance companies, government agencies, and many others. Their line of work requires detailed examination of each accident scene, and precise calculations for dozens of formulas and equations. Using proven techniques, they can reconstruct an accident to provide vehicle damage analyses, computer animations, collision diagrams, and many other types of demonstrative evidence.

Business Challenge

Bobby Jones and Associates, Inc. often used physical forms for recording data at the scene of an accident. Working with this data also proved to be a struggle as they tried to manage multiple software applications related to the various realms of their specialty. Time was too often lost due to extra work, and inefficiency found a home in the company’s office.

That’s when Smart Pelican dispatched to help.


The solution for Bobby Jones and Associates, Inc. comprised several parts:

We created a custom software application that addressed all of their computing and reporting needs. The software, a single program called Calc Zone Pro, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Windows to provide a platform for gathering data, performing research, creating analyses, and compiling work into customizable reports. For Windows and tablet PCs, Calc Zone Pro includes the following key features:

  • Dozens of industry-standard formulas and equations with step-by-step calculations, formula sources, examples of usage, etc., with one-click toggling between imperial and metric values, and decimal places
  • Forms for gathering weather data, vehicle specs, and other factors, complete with presets for commonly-used terms. Additional forms for technicians to log work
  • Connectivity with six vehicle databases – NHTSA Databases (Complaints, Investigations, Recalls, & Technical Service Bulletins), AutoStats Lite, and Canadian Vehicle Specifications – for up-to-date vehicle information
  • Custom reporting allowing users to include as much information as needed, and tailor headers and footers, title pages, pages numbers, and all other elements of their reports
  • Help files to assist with every portion of the program

We took the essentials of Calc Zone Pro’s data gathering features and developed an app for Windows Mobile and Pocket PCs. This gives users the tools to collect all of the information they need when they deploy to the scene of an accident. And it’s backward compatible with the desktop version of Calc Zone Pro, so no matter which device is used to edit a project, users can rest assured knowing that none of their data will be lost.

We also developed a website (front end and back end) for Calc Zone Pro, as well as a software licensing system with a database of users, licenses, orders, etc. We created a feature-rich CRM to help track site visitors, subscribers, and more. Additionally, we made software installers, CDs, and even Calc Zone Pro graphics for apparel and show booths, allowing Bobby Jones and Associates, Inc. to effectively market and sell the software.


Smart Pelican’s custom solution brings success to Bobby Jones and Associates, Inc. in a couple ways.

First, Calc Zone Pro ushers efficiency into the company by eliminating extra work and the hassle of juggling multiple applications. There’s no need to deal with physical forms or the errors associated with transferring data from paper to PC, and the mobile app allows projects to be edited on the go. It’s everything a crash reconstructionist needs.

Second, the solution provides Bobby Jones and Associates, Inc. with proprietary software that they can sell, and they have found success in doing so. Calc Zone Pro has proven so effective that law enforcement agencies and individual experts throughout the world have adopted it as their go-to reconstruction software.

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