Improving lives

At Smart Pelican, we address clients’ unique needs with unique solutions. Whether we’re developing software to help doctors improve their patient experience, integrating legacy applications to enhance warehousing operations, or creating a one-of-a-kind smartphone app for the spirited entrepreneur, we love to improve lives by helping people overcome their tech challenges.

Technology for people, by people

Technology is our passion. Our team members have devoted their lives to mastering computers, software, and IT, and this passion takes the point position on every project we undertake. Even when smartphones seem incredibly dumb, or when the Web seems like nothing more than a network of confusion, our pros aren’t afraid to swoop in and help clients get just what they need.

Evolution through diversity

Since our company formed over a decade ago, we’ve compiled a diverse portfolio. From extensive solutions that require years of development, to simple projects that need only a few weeks to bring to life, our work allows us to constantly evolve with the ever-changing tech landscape. Feel free to browse some of our creations and catch a glimpse of the technology that’s changed us: